Sunday, February 13, 2022

English dub of Attack on Titan’s final season premieres tonight


For fans of the dub of the popular anime Attack on Titan, your day has finally arrived. Starting tonight, the English Version of Attack on Titan‘s final season will begin airing at 12:30 a.m. on Cartoon Network’s anime block Toonami .

The news was confirmed by Josh Grelle, the English voice actor for Armin.

The English dub will also be available on the Funimation streaming app tomorrow, February 13. It’s fitting that this final clash of Titans will be dropping on Super Bowl Sunday.

The stakes are high in the final season of Attack on Titan

The final season of Attack on Titan will see the fate of the world decided. Zeke wants to euthanize all Eldians so the scourge of the Titans can be rid from the world forever. But Eren has a very different plan: now in full control of the Founding Titan’s power, he plans to use the colossal titans in the walls to stomp everyone outside Paradis Island to death. And the Scout regiment wants a middle path that doesn’t involve any genocide at all. 

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